Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mk Haley of Disney Research & Al Cross of PGAV chair Technology & Architecture sessions for TEA's SATE '13 design conference, Oct 3-4 in Savannah

SATE, the design conference of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) explores Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience. Each of four segment chairs is responsible for about 2.5 hours' worth of content in the 2-day, SATE '13 conference presented by Christie®, in Savannah, Georgia Oct 3-4 at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). See additional information about SATE including conference registration

Technology chair Mk Haley of Disney Research, and Architecture chair Al Cross of PGAV Destinations, talked about their respective visions under the umbrella of the “What's Next” theme of the SATE '13 conference, and its NextGen emphasis in terms of people as well as practices.

Speakers recruited by Haley under the SATE Technology umbrella include Bryan Hinckley and Paul Kent of Electrosonic and Mark Gilicinski of MX.

Mk Haley, Disney Research
In her current role with Disney Research and as immediate past SIGGRAPH conference chair, Mk Haley is in an ideal position to talk about available and emergent technologies and their application to the visitor experience. “I want to get people excited about the full breadth of possibility – from what the large and established places are doing, to what small groups and the man on the street can deliver,” says Haley. “Themed entertainment design can now be created and shared in entirely new ways." Haley's expertise will lead SATE delegates to resources that are both mind-blowing and within practical reach – such as haptic feedback experiences, gaming style interactivity and user-generated content - to make leisure environments more seamless and more immersive. “You wouldn't believe what some people are doing today on their smartphones, and in their garages,” she says. “There's no one to tell them 'it can't be done.'” Read more about Mk Haley

Al Cross of PGAV
Many people recall Al Cross's memorable first appearance at SATE several years ago, when he spoke of “the joyful architect” and his company's design work on the Georgia Aquarium. In the SATE '13 sessions he is organizing, Cross hopes to bring home how dramatically the industry has evolved in the short span between then and now. “For one thing, there's the ever larger role that technology figures in the architectural side of our work now. In addition, static environments no longer have to be the norm. Ceilings and walls can move, and they can have their own internet addresses. Buildings are literally becoming live, reactive and interactive. What does that mean for an architect, as we move toward ever deeper integration? As we rethink what we can do with buildings - and what we no longer need to do because of technology, what is the architect's role? It may be time to rebrand the architect along with the architecture.” Read more about Al Cross

Coming soon: We'll hear from SATE '13 segment chairs for Storytelling (Adam Bezark, The Bezark Company) and Experience (Phil Hettema, The Hettema Group), and SATE '13 keynote Donald Marinelli.

“SATE is an opportunity for creative thinkers, producers, resource providers and decision makers within the Themed Entertainment Industry and beyond to learn about projects and explore topics that inspire and focus our work. In 2013 we will look at 'What’s Next' – inspired by the setting and the mix of attendees, one can’t help but leave full of new ideas and ready to innovate on their next project – whatever it might be.” – TEA president Christine Kerr, BaAM Productions