Tuesday, August 13, 2013

“What's Next” is the theme of TEA's SATE '13 conference, convening at Savannah College of Art & Design, Oct 3-4

TEA president Christine Kerr
"Partnering with an academic institution to present a recognized industry event is a natural next step in the growth of the TEA."

TEA president Christine Kerr 
of BaAM Productions, invites 
the attractions industry to SATE '13, 
at SCAD in Savannah, Oct 3-4

Rich with history and renowned for its Southern hospitality, Savannah Georgia has another asset that is gaining recognition in the world of themed entertainment. After two years of curriculum development, SCAD - Savannah College of Art and Design – began to offer an MFA in Themed Entertainment Design in the fall of 2012. Undergraduate students can take a minor concentration in the subject as well.

The new MFA enriches a curriculum already offering degree programs in Architecture, Industrial Design, Production Design, Interactive Design, Fashion, Creative Writing, Urban Design, and Historic Preservation. SCAD's innovative environment helps inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and prepares them to work in a myriad of fields, not the least of which is the Themed Entertainment Industry. 

Meeting for several days at SCAD in January 2013, the TEA International Board of Directors also found the environment inspiring, and agreed unanimously that holding the annual SATE Conference at SCAD would add an exciting new dimension to an already well-respected industry conference.

While SATE is a business gathering aimed at those working in the industry, we look forward to the perspective and energy that the participation of students and educators will bring to the experience.

We believe that this new evolution for SATE and TEA – partnering with an academic institution to present a recognized industry event – is a natural next step in the growth of the TEA and the industry our members represent.

SATE is an opportunity for creative thinkers, producers, resource providers and decision makers within the Themed Entertainment Industry and beyond to learn about projects and explore topics that inspire and focus our work. In 2013 we will look at “What’s Next” – inspired by the setting and the mix of attendees, one can’t help but leave full of new ideas and ready to innovate on their next project – whatever it might be. --Christine Kerr