Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interactive Technology session led by Jason Hintz Llopis at SATE '13 Oct 3-4 at SCAD Savannah

The Now and the Next in Interactive Technology - at SATE '13, Oct 3-4 in Savannah
Emerging Technologies for Interactive Experiences to engage and entertain guests.

Preview! Download the app from the Warhol Museum, and create your own digital silkscreen right now, http://www.warhol.org/connect/mobile/ and then hear from the head of Digital Engagement on this and other initiatives from the Warhol at SATE '13.

"Our speakers for 'The Now and the Next in Interactive Technology' session will represent work across theme park, museum, mobile app and location based experiences that utilize new technologies to enable interactive guest experiences, allowing for advances in education, entertainment, and marketing opportunities," says SATE '13 Technology chair Mk Haley of Disney Research. "It will enable us to examine and discuss the 'what and why,' and the 'what and how,' re tech applied to storytelling,"

Session Producer: Jason Hintz Llopis

Jason Hintz Llopis
Asa Kalama, Walt Disney Imagineering R&D
"Asa Kalama's primary area of focus is interactive experience design with specific concentrations in Interactive Story-Telling and Role-Play."

Josh Jeffery, The Warhol Museum
"In a few short years, Josh has exploded what they're doing at the Warhol Museum in terms of guest engagement and interaction with the content."

Mark Gilicinski, MobileXpeditions
"Mark is fascinated by the convergence of mobile technology and location to deliver new experiences out and about in the world.  MX creates solutions across platforms and technologies that engage and entertain."

More about the session
Mk Haley of Disney Research
Mk Haley: "Mobile apps are allowing overlays onto existing collections or spaces to allow guests to explore and enjoy these spaces in ways that were not previously possible - and without having to build infrastructure, allowing for short term experiences on top of special events such as a conference or meeting. Emerging technologies allow guests to connect with each other and subject matter experts in deeper ways, and can allow for some remote experiences before or after an experience in a specific location."

SATE (Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience) is the signature conference of the Themed Entertainment Association. SATE '13 presented by Christie® takes place Oct 3-4 at the Savannah College of Art & Design.