Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Death of Halogen; Rise of Coherent Light - session at SATE '13 Experience Design conference Oct 3-4 at SCAD Savannah

Mk Haley (Disney Research) brings to SATE '13 a segment all about the exciting advances in technology that are enabling us to create richer entertainment experiences, including:
Mk Haley
  • The Death of Halogen and the Rise of Coherent Light - Paul Kent and Chris Conte of Electrosonic lead this discussion about recent advances in lighting and projection technology and how they can be applied in new and creative ways to the world of themed entertainment. Read more from Electrosonic about the content of this session.
  • Participants will include Bryan Boehme of Christie Digital and
    Bryan Boehme
    David Gray of Oasis Enterprises.
  • Mk Haley says, "Lighting and lighting design are very important to attraction design - whether exhibit lighting, architectural
    lighting, theatrical lighting, special effects, the crossover with digital projection and projection mapping, or another manifestation.

    "Our speakers for the 'The Death of Halogen and the Rise of Coherent Light' will take us along a trip that spans the history, technology-wise, of new lighting and projection
    Chris Conte
    technologies and applications as well as their evolution across time in Themed Entertainment.
    This session will look at the history and evolution of lighting technology. With representation across several disciplines in this area, we will get a sense of the advances, and the pros and cons of integration with these developing technologies, and what creative and sustainable opportunities they afford."
    David Gray

    SATE (Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience) is the signature conference of the Themed Entertainment Association. SATE '13 presented by Christie® takes place Oct 3-4 at the Savannah College of Art & Design.